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Ride Safe. Be Smart. Fear Not.

    ProRider Rochester?     Advanced Motorcycle Training Courses

Hi there! My name is Todd Looney and I am the owner and operator of ProRider Rochester. I have been trained and  professionally certified in Advanced Motorcycle Training. The same training police officers on motorcycles receive all across America. I am excited to share with you this tremendous opportunity for you to learn some new skills on a machine we both love.   I will share with you training that is so unique that you can't afford to miss it, your life may depend on it!

Before going further, let me answer some basic questions.

"I've been riding my entire life and have done fine. Why would I take a class?" 

Great question. I'll say this, Old Dogs CAN learn new tricks! What if those "new tricks" could make you a safer, smarter, more confident rider? Who wouldn't want that? I know I do.  

"I see you sell videos. Why not just watch those?"

We learn by doing, practicing, and training. Doing those things with others is that much more effective. Talking with other riders, learning techniques, and building friendships will be a by-product of taking one of our courses. The videos will ignite the flame, and our courses will make it a roaring fire of skills!

"I can save money on my Insurance Premium?"

You sure can! I'd like to say with 100% confidence, but some companies may differ.  We provide a training certificate that many insurance companies nationwide honor and do offer a discount on your insurance rates upon successful completion of this course.

"Do you offer a discount if I take all three courses?"

ABSOLUTELY! We love repeat students and we want to reward you for that.  Our best form of advertisement is our students who then tell their friends about us. We even offer a FREE class to those who put together an entire group/private training/club. (min 6 riders)

Don't just take it from me, go to our TESTIMONIES page and check out what others are saying about our courses.

Questions? Contact me at or call/text  507.993.2800  Let me help you become the very best rider you can be while training with others who want that as well.




Your Riding Skills Are 

About to Change Forever

A very effective way to become a safer, smarter, and more confident motorcyle rider is to train in a class setting. Our classes are ON THE BIKE for the majority of the time.  Some class interaction is involved as well.  Private Parties and 1 on 1 trainings are also available. To schedule these contact the owner directly at Todd@proriderrochestercom; 507.993.2800. It's time to take your riding skills to a new level.  Start today!



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